Complete Valve Service

  • Clean valves and casings
  • Remove end-play (link to below)
  • Remove side-play (Link to below)
  • Restring valves (Link to below)
  • Tighten linkages
  • Tighten Stop plates
  • Replace bumpers
  • Re-align valves
  • Lubricate all moving parts

Valve Rebuild

  • Re-plate valves
  • Lap and fit valves to casings
  • Complete Valve Service, as listed above

Bumper Replacement
We use neoprene bumper material and custom fit it to the instrument. We then cut it to make sure the alignment is spot on.

Valve Restringing
Strings connect the lever to the valve.  If the string is loose, the valve is slow to respond.  We restring using braided nylon string, which is strong, sturdy, and affordable.

End-play Removal
As valves wear down, space is created between the bearing surfaces of the valve and the bearing plate. We adjust the bearing plate to remove this extra room so the valve fits as it should.  This procedure reduces premature wear and prolongs the life of the valve.

Side-play Removal
Valves sometimes wear in such a way that they will have room to move side to side.  This is usually indicative of an excess of end-play that has gone unaddressed for far too long.

We remove all the valves and slides , degrease and lubricate them, and then return them to the instrument.  We do not use any chemicals that may cause etching in the metal or may damage the instrument in other ways.

Mechanical Linkage Adjustment
Mechanical linkages wear over time.  This can cause excess noise when operating the valve.  In most cases, we can make minor adjustments to the miniballs on the linkage and remove much of the noise.