Welcome to Alhorn and Noble. We specialize in repair and maintenance of all types of rotary valves for all brass instruments. Learn more through our website, and email us to schedule your free phone consultation today.


A Word About Valves

The valve cluster is the heart of all valved brass instruments. When one or more valves are worn or misbehave in some way, the instrument will play less efficiently. Over time the pitch center will go flat, often in such a subtle way that players cannot detect that they are making physiological adjustments to correct for this, like doing embouchure gymnastics or using more air than usual. In many cases, tightening things up through minor maintenance can avoid a more costly valve rebuild in the future.  Alhorn and Noble is here to ensure that you have the information you need to get the right service when you need it.


Why Use Us

There are many excellent repair shops, but very few that specialize in valve work. In my nearly six years of working at The S.E. Shires Co., I fit, repaired and maintained well over 1500 valves.  I will repair your valves more effectively and affordably than regular repair shops, because I have the expertise and the experience to do the job right — the first time and every time.